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Luxury Glamping Tents, Domes & Pods

The Glamping Dome has become very popular all over the world in recent years because of its beautiful geodesic dome shape, solid structure, fully utilized space without internal poles, and its ability to be used in all seasons. Someone said it’s the best budget-friendly glamping tent.

The Safari Tent is suitable as a four-season tent and is lightweight yet sturdy. They are easy to transport and not too difficult to set up. In recent years, it has also become used for glamping. Jumei provides more than six series of safari tents.

The Luxury Safari Lodge Tent, as the name suggests, is Luxury + Safari + Lodge + Tent. With the feeling of Safari, the space is as huge as a luxurious Lodge with a tent shape. We provide luxurious safari lodge tents with single-room, two-room, three-room, and custom options.

Compared with traditional glamping pods, our new glamping pods are full of cute, vivid, lovely, eye-catching, and futuristic senses. With sufficient interior configuration and unique charm and character, each style of our glamping pods will provide you unique, luxurious, and comfortable living experience to make your campsite stand out at once.