Safari Tents

Safari Tent MF Series
Pastoral Style

MF Series Safari Tents

This style of safari tent lets people are easy to get a leisurely and wilderness living experience, especially when in a wilderness environment.

  • Style: Nomadic
  • Floor Area: 15M2, 22.5M2
  • Rooms: 1 single room
  • Price: Start from only US$1,399 + shipping
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Safari Tent TY Series
Countryside Style

TY Series Safari Tents

The various sizes and flexible space combinations allow you to easily apply it to various applications and uses of glamping campsite.

  • Style: Countryside
  • Floor Area: 27M2, 31.5M2
  • Rooms: 1 single room with bathroom and kitchen(optional)
  • Price: Start from US$3,999 + shipping
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Safari Tent YY Series
Wilderness Style

YY Series Safari Tents

Single room tent is suitable for accommodation, lodging, and glamping. The three-room model is suitable for luxury lodging.

  • Style: Grassland
  • Floor Area: 32.5M2, 64M2
  • Rooms: 1 single room, 1 living room 2 bedrooms
  • Price: Start from US$5,299 + shipping