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Glamping Dome Tent has an eye-catching and elegant look. It is easy to fully equipped with household facilities, appliances, and kitchenware and can be easily installed everywhere to provide a unique and comfortable living experience. So it is widely used for resorts, glamping sites, campgrounds, hotels, and Airbnb hosting.

The solid and safe structure, portable installation package, and sufficient accessories make Glamping Dome more and more popular these years. Someone even thinks it’s the best glamping tent.

We provide various size’s glamping dome tents from 4m to 9m with sufficient add-ons and options. We also provide tailored and turnkey solutions to meet your individual needs and fit your budget.

You can also watch our  Glamping Dome Sample Videos and download our PDF Glamping Dome Catalog(3M) .

Dome Sizes and Specifications

Jumei Glamping Dome 5M


Jumei Glamping Dome 6M


Jumei Glamping Dome 7M


Jumei Glamping Dome 8M


Diameter 5m / 16.4ft 6m / 19.7ft 7m / 23ft 8m / 26.2ft
Floor Area 19.60m2 / 210ft2 28.26m2 / 304ft2 38.48m2 / 414ft2 50.24m2 / 540ft2
Top Height 3m / 9.84ft 3.5m / 11.48ft 3.7m / 12.14ft 4m / 13.12ft
Struts Size(mm) Φ26*1.6 Φ26*1.6 Φ26*1.6 Φ26*1.6 / Φ32*2
(for people sleeping)
1-2 1-2 with bathroom 2 adults + 2 kids
for family
2 adults + 2 kids
luxury suite, for family

Note: If you need a glamping dome with a diameter <5m or >8m, please contact our salesperson.

Floor Plan(Layout) Design

5M Dome Floor Plan

6M Dome Floor Plan

7M Dome Floor Plan

8M Dome Floor Plan

Exterior Design & Configuration

Exterior Configuration

Exterior Design(Custom your dome)

Entrance Position

4 positions for selection

Windows Position

4 positions for selection

Clear PVC Window Position

4 positions for selection

Vent Hole

4 positions for selection, we suggest not choose vent hole if you installed the exhausted fan.

Skylight & Auto Sun Roof

Clear PVC Skylight for light daytime and star gazing at the night with automatic sunroof.

Cover Colors

14 colors for selection.

Please note: #1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 are commonly used colors and can be selected directly. Other colors will take time to customize so please consult our sales or engineers in advance before choosing them.

The most popular glamping dome cover colors

Interior Configurations(Optional)

Wooden Floor System
  • Wood-Plastic Composites flooring(Option 1)
  • Luxury multi-layer solid wood flooring (Option 2)
  • Radiant Floor Heating wood flooring (Option 3)
Bathroom Module
  • Wooden veneer aluminum wall(1)
  • Waterproof floor(1), Ceiling(1)
  • Sink x1 Shower(1), Toilet(1)
  • Towel Rack(1), Hand Shower Kit(1)
Skylight, Sunroof & Home Appliances
  • Bedroom chandelier(1), Indoor wall light(1)
  • 2P Air-Con(1), Electric Kettle(1)
  • Hanging hair dryer (1)
  • Skylight with electric auto sunroof (1)
  • Curtain(1), Solid wood bed(1)
  • Mattress(1), Bed stand(2)
  • Wardrobe(1) Side Stand(1)
  • Occasional table(1) Occasional chair(2)
  • Dinner chair (1)
  • Fireplace (1)


Clear PVC Window
PVC Clear Window
(cannot open)
PVC Window with Bug-proof Screen
PVC Window
(with bug-proof screen)
Round Glass Window
Round Glass Window
Triangle Glass Window
Triangle Glass Window
Skylight with Auto Sunshed
Skylight & Auto Sun Roof
Insulation Liner
Insulation Liner
Single Glass Door
Sigle Glass Door
Solar Exhaust Fan
Solar Exhaust Fan
Curtain and Rail
Curtain and Rail
Fireplace Stove Kit
Fireplace / Stove Kit
Bathroom Module
Bathroom Module



High-Quality Q235 Galvanized Steel
  • Size: 26×1.5mm or 32x2mm
  • Surface: White Baking Finish
  • with Stainless Steel Screws & Nuts
Dome Struts
Dome Cover


High-Quality Fabric
  • Outer Cover: 850g/m2 Double-sided PVC Knife Coated Fabric
  • Insulation Liner: 500g/m2  Thermal Insulated Aluminum Foil Laminated Oxford Fabric


  • Materials80 Double Glazed Aluminum Frame(Broken Bridge)
  • LocksetQuality Lockset
  • GlassTempered insulating glass 5+20+5mm
Glass Door


Supplied by Top Supplier
  • Wood: Rubberwood, Solid Wood
  • Style: Scandinavian design
  • Grade: 4-Star Hotel Grade


  • Working Temperature Range: -30 to +40℃
    • Our dome tent has two-layer of cover fabric and insulation liner. It is suitable for living in various weather conditions from 40℃ to minus 10℃. It will be perfectly fitted in colder or hotter weather with the optional floor heating, air conditioning, fireplace, or other configurations.
  • Wind Load: 80-120km/h
    • The wind resistance of the tent depends on the connection method of the base. Our glamping dome tent has a solid foundation and can withstand level 12 typhoons, with a snow load of 0.30kN/m.
  • Snow Load: 75kg/m2
    • The total static weight that can be supported over the entire dome is usually greater than any normal snow load it will have to support, as snow does not easily accumulate on a round roof. If the snow on the dome reaches 15cm, you should remove it with a broom or similar tool in order to prevent damage to the dome cover.
  • Life Span: Frames 15+ years, covering fabric 8-10 years
    • The lifespan of a tent mainly depends on the performance of the cover tarpaulin, which is generally 8-10 years of life. Our cover fabric is tear-resistant, durable,  waterproof, fire retardant, mold-proof, and anti-corrosion.
  • 100% waterproof; flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, CFM; UV resistant, tear-resistant, self-cleaning ability, etc.
    • All the materials of our domes have passed the environmental testing of China.

Our Glamping Dome Tent Sample Video

Premium Glamping Dome

(With improved insulation liner)

Glamping Dome 360° View

Jumei Glamping Dome

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