60 Glamping Domes Built on the Desert

These 60 shining glamping domes are built in the desert. This project is a successful attempt to explore a new camping/glamping style for the desert terrain, showing the advantages of the new camping/glamping structure of a glamping dome:

  • Convenient and fast transportation
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Convenient for decoration with no poles inside
  • The cost is lower than glamping pods and other glamping structures

Although the interior decoration of these glamping domes is not very luxurious, the idea that a 6m glamping dome can accommodate 2-6 people is also a new good way of camping/glamping.

Thanks very much for Antonio Mhek Jr.’s help. Some pictures and clips were provided by him and are credited to him.

His Youtube Channel: Antonio Mhek Vlogs

Video and Gallery

Glamping Domes On the Desert

Products in the Project/Solution