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A How-To instruction on building a geodesic dome tent with accessories step by step

This is a HOW-TO instruction video of building a glamping dome tent with accessories(add-ons), including, Door, Outer Cover, Insulation Liner, Glass Window, Skylight with Automatic Sunroof, Solar Exhaust Fan, etc.

And introducing how to position the dome on a platform, how to use struts assembling patterns to help build a dome framework quickly, how to fix the cover on the door and platform.

Video Segments:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:05 Unpacking & checking
  • 00:44 Positioning
  • 01:04 Install the door frame
  • 01:49 Install the dome framework
  • 02:37 Dome struts assembly pattern
  • 03:59 Anchoring the dome
  • 04:36 Install the sunroof
  • 05:05 Install the insulation liner
  • 06:26 Install the window frame
  • 07:12 Install the outer cover
  • 08:38 Install the window
  • 10:07 Install the sunroof with liner
  • 10:40 Install the solar exhaust fan
  • 14:07 Install the solar exhaust fan(outside)
  • 14:50 Install the door
  • 15:11 Final Finishing work
  • 15:40 Thank you for watching

Please note: the geodesic dome tent in the video is manufactured by Jumei Tent, the installation methods and steps of different manufacturers may be different.

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