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A Step-by-Step instruction on installing a Safari Tent

Check this full safari tent installation in this detailed, step-by-step time-lapse video. The whole process is shown through sped-up footage, allowing you to see how a safari tent is put together from start to finish in a much shorter time. Key steps are highlighted as the poles, canvas and other parts come together to create the final tent. Whether you’re installing for the first time and need visual help or are just interested in seeing behind the scenes, this video clearly shows the installation through an easy-to-follow time-lapse format. Get a better understanding of building a safari tent with this how-to video.

Video Segments:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:08 Before Installing
  • 00:36 Base Positioning
  • 00:53 Assembling Frames
  • 02:23 Installing Inner Fabric
  • 03:24 Installing Roof Fabric

Please note: the safari tent in the video is manufactured by Jumei Tent, the installation methods and steps of different manufacturers may be different.

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