Silkworm Glamping Pod

This new design Silkworm Glamping Pod, i.e. silkworm style of glamping pod is inspired by the shape of the warm. It has a lovely warm look with two bedrooms and a bathroom that is suitable for resorts, lodging, and glamping campsite in nature.


Silkworm Glamping Pod

Model: XC-39

2 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Price: $7,899

 Important Notice: Above SilkWorm Glamping Pod prices are products’ basic configuration price, and not including the shipping cost.



Floor Area


Top Height



Steel and aluminum


PVDF Architectural Membrane





Outter Wall

Aluminum Alloy Hollow Glass Wall

Interior Design Solutions

Silkworm Glamping Pod Structure



Basic Configuration
Framework, Outer Cover, Insulation Liner
Standard Configuration
Framework, Outer Cover, Insulation Liner, Suspended Ceiling, Outer Walls, Windows & Doors
Optional Configurations
Interior Wall, Kitchen Module, Flooring, Bathroom module(toilet, washing basin, and shower), Radiant Floor Heating System
Optional Furnitures & Accessories
Bed, Stand, TV Stand, Sofa, Chair, Air conditioner, TV, Hair Dryer, Lamps, Curtain, Hang Decorations, Beddings, etc.


  • The resort, campsite, campground glamping housing.
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