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We provide more than ten styles of new design glamping pods. Compared with traditional glamping pods, the new glamping pods are full of cute, vivid, lovely, eye-catching, and futuristic senses, these glamping pods with sufficient interior configuration. Each style of these glamping pods has its own unique charm and character and will provide you unique and comfortable living experience to make your campsite unique all at once.

Key Specifications and Features

Modular Design

  • Exterior: Structure + Outer Cover + Windows, doors, and add-ons
  • Interior: Bathroom + Flooring + Furniture + Appliances

Prefabricated structure

  • 100% Prefabricated components
  • Movable
  • Framework
    • Material: Painted steel tube

    • Optional Material: Aluminum alloy structure

Roof & Cover

  • Material: High strength PVDF architectural membrane
  • Weight:950g/㎡
  • Features: Waterproof, fireproof, mildew-proof, UV-resistant, tear-resistant

Window, door, and add-ons

  • Window & DoorBroken bridge aluminum glass doors and windows (5+20+5mm)
  • Optional Add-onsAuto Skylight, Ventilate system, Fireplace, and Chimney, etc.

Flexible Layout and Floor Plan Design

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Glamping Domes on the Mountain

Luxury Glamping Domes and New Glamping Pods in the Woods on the Mountain

In this project, we offered luxury glamping domes and new glamping pods in a resort located in the woods of a mountain resort in southwest China. These white glamping domes and donut pods, red polygon pods, green snail pods, and some glamping domes covered in hay, are interspersed built on platforms among the trees on the hillside to ensure views and privacy and make a chic glamping resort.

Luxury WaterDrop Glamping Pod by Lake

Luxury Waterdrop Glamping Pod by the Lake

Three Luxury Waterdrop Glamping Tents - Waterdrop Glamping Pods are set up side by side on the beautiful lakeside resort, you can enjoy the fresh air of the grass and woods, and enjoy the quiet lake view at the same time.

Waterdrop Glamping Pod on Mountain Top Resort

Lovely Waterdrop Glamping Pod on the Mountain Top

This lovely Waterdrop Glamping Pod is located on a beautiful mountain top, it’s a part of a large glamping resort. There are 6 styles of glamping tents and pods there. Living in this glamping pod, you can see the mountains and enjoy the vast scenery.

7 Glamping Tents and Pods in a Resort

7 Glamping Tents and Pods in a Farmstay Resort

This farmstay glamping resort with 7 different and fabulous glamping tents and pods is located on the outskirts of a small city in the Northwest of China. Surrounded by several large flower fields, a food court plaza, and amusement parks, this spot is becoming a popular place for city couples, families to spend a staycation and short holidays.

5 Glamping Tents & Pods on the Mountain Top Resort

6 Styles of Glamping Tents and Pods on a Mountain Top Resort

This eco-friendly luxurious glamping resort is located on a beautiful mountain top in the south of China. There are 6 styles of glamping tents and pods there: Jumei A-Series & Y-Series Safari Lodge Tent, Snail Glamping Pod, Apple Glamping Pod, Glamping Dome Tent, and Waterdrop Glamping Pod. Living in these glamping tents, you can see the mountains and enjoy the vast scenery.

Luxury Shell Glamping Pod

Luxury Shell Glamping Pod by the Lake

This luxurious glamping eco-resort is located in a tea-producing valley, south of China. There are 12 S Series glamping safari lodge Tents. In different seasons, it shows different styles of beautiful scenery. Here, you can be surrounded by nature while soaking in the hot tub, taste freshly picked tea.

5 Styles of Glamping Pods and Tents

5 New Styles of Glamping Tents and Pods in a Resort

5 Styles of Glamping pods and tents in a campsite, they are donut glamping pod, birdcage glamping pod, glamping dome pod, safari tent and snail glamping pod.