Snail Glamping Pod

This new design Snail Glamping Pod, i.e. snail style of glamping pod, is inspired by the shape of the snail shell. It has a cute and refreshing look with a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom that is suitable for accommodation, lodging, and glamping in nature.

Model: J2

1 Living room, 1 Bathroom, 1 Bedroom

Standard Configuration: Structure, Outer Cover, Insulated Liner, Glass Door x1, Glass Window x1


External Dimensions
6mx10.2m(52m2 )
Inside Area
Top Height


Wind Resistance
Level 12
15 Years


Standard Configuration

Cover FabricOuter Cover
950gsm Double sided PVDF Architectural Membrane
Color: White, Desert, Green, Custom.
Cover FabricInsulated Liner
500gsm Double Layer Thermal Insulated Aluminum Foil Laminated Oxford Fabric
Color: White, Beige, Grey, etc.
High quality Q235 galvanized steel tube, baking paint surface(car-paint level)
Tube size: 60x3mm
Double Glazed Aluminum Hollow Glass Door, the door and the frame combine perfectly and seamlessly
Aluminum Glass Window, customized connection accessories to ensure sealing and waterproofing
Outer Wall(s)
Aluminum Glass Wall(s).

Optional Add-ons

Solar Exhaust Fan
Solar energy storage remote control exhaust fan
Stove Jack Kit
Can be attached to regular fireplace chimney or custom stoves
Anti-corrission wood deck.

Optional furniture set for your choice


Bathroom Module



Dining Table & Chairs

Sofa & Tea Table

Occacional Chair & Table

TV Table & TV


Lounge Chair

Flooring System

Air-Con & Appliances

Glamping Ideas

Interior Design Solution

Pupa Glamping Pod Interior Design
Living Room

Living Room



  • The resort guest room, glamping site accommodation.
  • Airbnb hosting.
  • Theme park accommodation.

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