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S Series

This OLD S Series safari lodge tent is upgraded and changed into NEW Y series Luxury Safari Lodge Tent. Download the latest Luxury Lodge Tent Catalog(6M)

Tensile and post support give this Luxury S-Series Safari Lodge Tent a more safari feel. Its various sizes and flexible space combinations allow you to easily apply it to various applications and uses of glamping campsite or resort.


Safari Lodge Tent S-250

Customized, Floor Area 250m2

Safari Lodge Tent S-81

2 bedrooms, 1 living room

Safari Lodge Tent S-75

1 bedroom, 1 living room

Safari Lodge Tent S-43

1 bedroom

 Important Notice: Above S Series Safari Lodge Tents prices are products’ basic configuration price, and not including the shipping cost.
Model Dimensions Floor Area Height(Eave/Top) Framework Roof Material Sidewall Material Door & Window
S-250 11mx22.5m 250M2 3.5m/8m Steel and aluminum structure PVDF architectural membrane Aluminum alloy hollow glass wall 18 doors 14 windows
S-81 6mx16.3m 81M2 2.8m/6.8m Steel and aluminum structure PVDF architectural membrane Aluminum alloy hollow glass wall 1 door 7 windows
S-75 6mx14m 75M2 2.8m/6.8m Steel and aluminum structure PVDF architectural membrane Aluminum alloy hollow glass wall 1 door 5 windows
S-43 7.2mx7.2m 43M2 2.8m/6.8m Steel and aluminum structure PVDF architectural membrane Aluminum alloy hollow glass wall 1 door 3 windows

Interior Design Solutions

Floor Plan

Breakdown View

Living Room



Basic Configuration
Framework, Outer Cover, Insulation Liner
Standard Configuration
Framework, Outer Cover, Insulation Liner, Suspended Ceiling, Outer Walls, Windows & Doors
Optional Configurations
Interior Wall, Kitchen Module, Flooring, Bathroom module(toilet, washing basin, and shower), Radiant Floor Heating System
Optional Furnitures & Accessories
Bed, Stand, TV Stand, Sofa, Chair, Air conditioner, TV, Hair Dryer, Lamps, Curtain, Hang Decorations, Beddings, etc.


  • The resort guest room, glamping lodging.
  • Lodging lobby, reception hall, functional hall.
  • Other resort functional facility buildings.

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