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Y Series

This OLD Y Series safari lodge tent is upgraded and changed into NEW H series Luxury Safari Lodge Tent.

This Luxury Y Series Safari Lodge Tent looks like a Thai-style house, people are easy to get a leisurely and luxurious tropical living experience, especially when in an elegant and comfortable environment.


Safari Lodge Tent Y-80

2 bedrooms, 1 living room

Safari Lodge Tent Y-56

1 bedroom

Safari Lodge Tent Y-49

1 bedroom

 Important Notice: Above Y Series Safari Lodge Tents prices are products’ basic configuration price, and not including the shipping cost.
Model Dimensions Floor Area Height(Eave/Top) Framework Roof Material Sidewall Material Door & Window
Y-80 8.3mx16m 80M2 2.8m/6.3m Steel and aluminum structure PVDF architectural membrane Aluminum alloy hollow glass wall 1 door 5 windows
Y-56 7mx8m 40M2 2.8m/6m Steel and aluminum structure PVDF architectural membrane Aluminum alloy hollow glass wall 1 door 3 windows
Y-49 7mx7m 35M2 2.8m/6.5m Steel and aluminum structure PVDF architectural membrane Aluminum alloy hollow glass wall 1 door 3 windows

Interior Design Solutions

Floor Plan

Breakdown View

Living Room



Basic Configuration
Framework, Outer Cover, Insulation Liner
Standard Configuration
Framework, Outer Cover, Insulation Liner, Suspended Ceiling, Outer Walls, Windows & Doors
Optional Configurations
Interior Wall, Kitchen Module, Flooring, Bathroom module(toilet, washing basin, and shower), Radiant Floor Heating System
Optional Furnitures & Accessories
Bed, Stand, TV Stand, Sofa, Chair, Air conditioner, TV, Hair Dryer, Lamps, Curtain, Hang Decorations, Beddings, etc.


  • The resort guest room, glamping lodging.
  • Lodging lobby, reception hall, functional hall.
  • Other resort functional facility buildings.

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Luxury Safari Tent with Creative Interior Design

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We built more than 40s glamping domes, and new glamping pods of 8 different styles in this beautiful resort, letting these structures blend with nature. There are more than 40s white glamping domes, donut, waterdrop, silkworm glamping pods; red polygon, apple glamping pods; green snail pods, and beige shell glamping pods are interspersed built on platforms among the woods to make a chic glamping resort. Since these glamping domes and pods are perfectly blended into the beautiful surrounding forests and grasslands, people come here not only for glamping, but also for wedding photos, vacations, and music festivals.

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BBQ in a safari tent. Amazing experience! In this glamping resort, the owner used our safari tent to build 28 barbecue tents, using smaller models(for 2-4 people) such as: Basic Safari Tent – AX17, Compact Luxury Safari Tent – B32, and bigger ones(for 4-8 people): Luxury Safari Tent – B40. Use the super large (250m²) luxury lodge tent – YX as the customer service and food purchasing center. Due to the unique shape and feel of the safari tent and the pole-free space, it is very convenient for layout and decoration. In just 2 months, from construction to opening, it has attracted more than imagined customers to try it.

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Large Luxury Lodge Tent for Glamping Resort Visitor Center

Large Luxury Glamping Tent for Glamping Resort Visitor Center

This glamping resort built on the vast grassland is as beautiful as an oil painting in early summer. It is located in natural landscapes, green farms, and a large area of flowers. The slogan of the glamping site is "Close to nature and enjoy the glamping experience". It comprises luxury safari tents, stargazing glamping domes, and caravans. Some tents contain a double bed and a single bed that can sleep three people for a family with kids. Some tents contain a king-size bed, perfect for couples.

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This Luxury Safari Tent Resort is located in a valley with a quiet environment, with a creek, tea gardens, meadow, and woods beside it, where tourists can go river tracing, barbecue, mountain hiking, and experience tea picking and various camping activities.