TY Series

This newly launched Countryside-style luxury safari tent has a large balcony in front, and the wooden house shape combines the freshness and the natural beauty of the countryside and the jungle. The PVC fabric top, the high-quality Oxford fabric outer wall, the steel-wood integrated structure(TYS-36), and the steel structure(TY-32) framework provide a spacious and flexible room that can be easily decorated with furniture, appliances, facilities. The safari tent is no longer a simple shelter but also lets guests enjoy a better glamping living experience.


Safari Tent TYS-36

Single room with bathroom

Price: US$4,699

Safari Tent TY-32

Single room with bathroom

Price: US$3,999

 Important Notice: Above Safari Tent prices are products’ STANDARD configuration price, and not including the shipping cost.
Model Dimensions Floor Area Height(Eave/Top) Framework Roof Material Sidewall Material Door & Window
TYS-36 4.5mx8m 27M2 2.5m/4m Steel and wood structure 850g/m2 PVC Fabric 1680D Oxford Fabric 1 door 4 windows
TY-32 4.5mx7m 31.5M2 2.2m/3.5m Steel structure 850g/m2 PVC Fabric 1680D Oxford Fabric 1 door 2 windows

Interior Design Solutions

Floor Plan

Breakdown View




Standard Configuration
Framework, Outer Cover, Insulation Liner, Suspended Ceiling, Outer Walls, Windows & Doors
Optional Configurations
Interior Wall, Kitchen Module, Flooring, Bathroom module(toilet, washing basin, and shower), Radiant Floor Heating System
Optional Furnitures & Accessories
Bed, Stand, TV Stand, Sofa, Chair, Air conditioner, TV, Hair Dryer, Lamps, Curtain, Hang Decorations, Beddings, etc.


  • The resort guest room, glamping lodging.
  • Lodging lobby, reception hall, functional hall(YYS-64)l.
  • Other resort functional facility buildings.

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