Colorful Glamping Domes on the Mountain

Because each part of glamping dome kits (including frame, cover, etc.) can be packaged and transported separately, moreover the weight of a single package is lightweight, allowing us to deliver them to this beautiful valley and easily build these 15 candy-colored luxury glamping domes on steel-wood platforms along the hillside.

Each glamping dome is built on an independent deck with a certain distance to ensure privacy. And because on the mountain, the clean sky allows guests to stargaze at night.

These luxurious glamping domes are designed and configurated as king-bed couple suites, double-bed glamping suites, and bunk-bed family suites, with comfortable and spacious bathrooms and hotel-level air-conditioning, TV, and small appliances.

Luxury Colorful Glamping Domes Video with Interior Design and Bathroom


Colorful Glamping Domes in the Valley

Glamping Dome Interior Design, Bathroom

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