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All New Safari Tents for Glamping

2022 Well-designed All-New luxury safari tents for glamping


Glamping Domes

Made for glamping, all for your diverse glamping needs


Luxurious Glamping Lodge Tents

New modular design, Turnkey solution, Custom made, Multi-functional.


New design and Eye-catching Glamping Pods

With sufficient interior configuration to provide you a different and comfortable living experience.

Jumei Luxury Glamping Tents, Domes & Pods

Make your glamping resort, campsite, or Airbnb house a spotlight
Safari Tents
Budget-friendly price

High ROI, help your business grow.

Glamping Dome Tents
Glamping Dome Tent
With care

Turnkey solutoin for your specific needs from start to end

Safari Lodge Tents
Luxury Lodge Tent
True Power

 New design, luxurious, multi-functional.

New Style of Glamping Pods
Glamping Pods
Hot Looks

Lovely, cute, refreshing looks, more than 10 new styles.


Jumei Safari Tent CSEIE Expo

Our Safari Tent Impressed Visitors at CSEIE Expo

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We, Jumei Glamping attended an expo named 'Second China (Hainan) Sports Goods and Equipment Import Expo' with our new glamping product, the Luxury safari tent, and successfully received many welcomes.…
How to Choose the Best Safari Tent?

How to Choose the Best Safari Tent for Your Glamping Business?

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Choosing the right safari tent can be challenging, don’t worry, we will introduce how to choose the best safari tent for your glamping business with the factors you should consider…
B40/B45/BGL45 Appearance

Safari Tent with Attic or Two-Story Safari Tent, How to Choose?

| Blog | No Comments
In this article, we will introduce the safari tent with attic - B45, and compare it with the two-story safari tent - BGL45 in price, appearance, structure, and area, hoping…
Safari Tent with Bathroom

Luxury Safari Tent with Bathroom(Video)

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This luxury safari tent is equipped with a luxurious separate bathroom where guests can enjoy a pleasant shower. It's ideal for glamping resorts, campsites, and campgrounds. This bathroom includes a…