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In this article, we will introduce the safari tent with attic – B45, and compare it with the two-story safari tent – BGL45 in price, appearance, structure, and area, hoping to help you better choose a safari tent suitable for family guests.

Introduction the Luxury Safari Tent with Attic(Loft) – B45

The Safari tent with attic(loft) – B45 is perfect for family glamping stays. It is based on the classic safari tent – B40, and we added:

  • Optional attic kit
  • Optional kitchenette kit
  • Increased the length of the tent from 8m(B40) to 9m(if you don’t have enough space, you can still choose to add a attic kit on the basis of B40)

These improvements were made after we listened to feedback from many glamping resort owners/operators:

  • There are often family guests with 1-2 young children who need extra space and a bed for the children
  • Sometimes they need to do some simple cooking

Safari Tent with Attic vs Two-Story Safari Tent


The price of B45 is about half of BGL45. The price of B45 with the Attic Kit is about 65%-70% of BGL45.

Appearance Comparison

In appearance, B40 and B45 are almost the same, but you can see the structure of the attic inside through the curtain of B45. The two-story safari tent – BGL45 is totally different from B40/B45, you can see its two-story structure directly from the outside.

Attic vs Second Floor

  • Layout:
    • B45: No veranda
    • BGL45: Has a 11m2 veranda
  • Structure:
    • B45: The attic kit of B45 is installed inside the safari tent
    • BGL45: The 2nd floor of BGL45 is an independent structure, which can be seen directly from the outside
  • Area:
    • B45: The Attic area of B45 is small, with an indoor area of 11m2,
    • BGL45: The 2nd floor of BGL45 is relatively large at 13m2 indoor area and plus 11m2 veranda area

Top Height Comparison

The top height of B40 and B45 is the same. BGL45 is 40cm higher than B40/B45.

1st Floor Layout Comparison

The total surface of a safari tent with an attic(B45) is the same as a two-story safari tent (BGL45), it is 45m2, 5m2 larger than B40.

The extra 5m2 of B45/BGL45 can be equipped with a kitchenette and some other furniture or appliances.

From the floorplan, we can see that the layout of the attic of B45 is very different from the 2nd floor of BGL45:


  • Similarity:
    • 1st Floor Area: the first floor of the safari tent with attic(B45) and the two-story safari tent (BGL45) have the same area, which is 5m2 larger than a classic safari tent(B40), and the extra area can be installed with kitchenette or other furniture and appliances.
  • Difference:
    • Price: The price of B45 is about 60%-70% of BGL45.
    • Height and appearance: B45 and BGL45 are different in height, BGL45 is 40cm higher than B45,
    • Structure: The attic of B45 is installed in the safari tent, and BGL45 is a real and independent two-story structure.
    • Layout and area of the second floor: The attic of B45 has no veranda, while BGL45 has a veranda, and BGL45’s indoor area on the second floor is almost two times that of the attic of B45.

So, if you want to choose a safari tent suitable for a family with 1-2 little children, and the budget is limited, it is recommended that you choose the safari tent with attic(B45). If you want to choose a safari tent for a family with teenage or need two more independent and private spaces, and you have a sufficient budget, it is recommended that you choose the two-story safari tent(BGL45).

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