Glamping Dome Pod

Glamping Dome Pod also know as Glamping Dome Tent has an eye-catching and elegant look. It is easy to fully equipped with household facilities, appliances, kitchenware and can be easily installed everywhere to provide a unique, comfortable, and peaceful living experience. So it is widely used for glamping camping and hotel of the resort.


Model: XK-28

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Price: $1,699

 Important Notice: Above Glamping Dome prices are products’ basic configuration price, and not including the shipping cost.



Floor Area


Top Height



Steel and aluminum


PVC Fabric





Outter Wall

PVC Fabric

Our Glamping Dome Tent Sample Video

Interior Design Solutions

Glamping Dome Pod Structure




Basic Configuration
Framework, Outer Cover, Insulation Liner
Standard Configuration
Framework, Outer Cover, Insulation Liner, Skylight, Solar Insulated Fan, Glass Windows & Doors
Optional Configurations
Interior Wall, Kitchen Module, Flooring, Bathroom module(toilet, washing basin, and shower), Radiant Floor Heating System
Optional Furnitures & Accessories
Bed, Stand, TV Stand, Sofa, Chair, Air conditioner, TV, Hair Dryer, Lamps, Curtain, Hang Decorations, Beddings, etc.


  • The resort, campsite, campground glamping housing.
Safari Tent in the City Glamping campsite

Safari Tents & Stargazing Dome Tents in the City Glamping Tent Campsite

Several YY Series safari tents are lined up in the city glamping tent campsite, and there are several stargazing glamping dome tents on the opposite. There is a large patio outside each safari tent, where guests can enjoy leisure, sunshine, barbecue, and stargazing at the night. Each safari tent has a large inner space, a king-size bed, a separate bathroom with a shower and toilet, and a living room area.

Glamping dome tent with A-frame cabin look door

New Style Glamping Dome Tent with A-frame Cabin Look Wood Door

In this project, we offered 13 new style glamping dome tents with an A-frame cabin look wood door located in the east of China. The spire wood door unit makes the glamping domes look more exquisite. These new design luxury glamping dome suites were built on the top of the mountain.

5 Glamping Tents & Pods on the Mountain Top Resort

6 Styles of Glamping Tents and Pods on a Mountain Top Resort

This eco-friendly luxurious glamping resort is located on a beautiful mountain top in the south of China. There are 6 styles of glamping tents and pods there: Jumei A-Series & Y-Series Safari Lodge Tent, Snail Glamping Pod, Apple Glamping Pod, Glamping Dome Tent, and Waterdrop Glamping Pod. Living in these glamping tents, you can see the mountains and enjoy the vast scenery.

5 Styles of Glamping Pods and Tents

5 New Styles of Glamping Tents and Pods in a Resort

5 Styles of Glamping pods and tents in a campsite, they are donut glamping pod, birdcage glamping pod, glamping dome pod, safari tent and snail glamping pod.

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