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New Glamping Pod or Traditional Glamping Pod?

There are many different types of glamping pods including Traditional Glamping Pod and New Glamping Pods. The glamping pod originated in the UK. In the UK, many people only call the traditional timber-made pod a glamping pod. In North America, many people also call cabin, hut, glamping dome, a-frame cabin, or other pod-like shapes structures as glamping pod.

Below, we will introduce the popular and new style glamping pod in a broad sense.

Types of Glamping Pods

Traditional Glamping Pod

The glamping pod originated from the camping pod. The camping pod is a wooden round shape cabin or hut used for camping. Since most camping pods only offer a warm and dry place to sleep, their space is very cramped, and the internal facilities are relatively simple. Inside you’ll typically have lighting, a small heater, carpet, and blinds on the door. You’ll need to bring some things along to camp in like a sleeping bag, pillow, cookstove, mess kits, and towels.

Compare to the camping pod glamping pod also small, but it is a little bigger. And these wooden structures are designed as more comfortable than traditional camping pods. Some glamping pods offer a more glamping type living experience with an en suite bathroom and running water, but most are still simple.

Glamping pods are typically made of wood frame, metal rooftop, and cladding wall, glass window, and lives like a hut or cabin but smaller. They are often with sloping, round rooves, which give pods a distinct look compared with tiny homes or other small, wooden glamping units.

According to the size, configuration, construction material, and quality of the glamping pod, the price of the glamping pod ranges from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

The glamping pod is generally 5-12 meters long and 2-4 meters wide. However, most suppliers provide customized services.

Recently, compared with the traditional glamping pod, more new styles of glamping pod have been developed and improved, such as the conjoined original glamping pods.

And manufacturers also developed many new types of glamping pods with new materials and new shapes which are different from the traditional sloping and round rooftop.

The new type of glamping pod in various shapes is lightweight and colorful with new materials. This newly designed glamping pod generally uses a steel frame, the lighter PVDF, PVD canvas of outer cover, the aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the wooden or laminate wooden floors. Because the building materials are more lightweight and can be assembled and installed in the camp, the new glamping pod can have a larger floor area, generally more than 30 square meters (322 square feet).

Comparison of Glamping Pods

Traditional Glamping Pod New Glamping Pod
Shape Sloping, round rooftop Round, polygon, easily custom
Waterdrop, Shell, more shaped pods.
Color Wooden color White, colorful, easily custom
Frame Material Timber Steel
Cover Timber,Wood-like metal roofing (steel, zinc) PVDF,PVC,Canvas
Floor Wooden, Laminate wooden Wooden, Laminate wooden, Others
Price Expensive Not Very Expensive
Transport Mostly transport in fully constructed unit, the road should be at least as wide as the glamping pod. Transport with prefab components and parts
Install Install in the factory,a fully constructed unit will be lifted into place with crane, Install on site with the components and parts which is ready to be assembled,
Lead Time Long Short
Floor Area Small(usually 10M2-40M2) Big(usually 30M2-88M2)
Rooms Most don’t have bathroom,Simple, no much room for luxury furnitures and appliances Most have bathroom, enough room for luxury furnitures and appliances